How to Get Cheap Diapers on Amazon

How to Get Cheap Diapers on Amazon

Wondering how to get cheap diapers on Amazon?

Saving for a baby is a smart move, considering diapers alone can cost around $2000 or more until your child is potty trained!

Having diapers delivered to my doorstep saves my sanity, considering I have to bring 3 boys ages 5 and under to the store.

No doubt a 20 minute shopping trip will turn into an hour and half trip after we use the bathroom at least 2 times and I chase one or more kids around the store who have escaped from the shopping cart.

Not to mention, when my toddler turns into a crying puddle in the floor after I tell him he can’t have the candy at checkout.

Whether this is your first or your on number 3 here are some tips to get the best price on diapers using Amazon…

and they will even ship it to your door! So you can avoid that messy scene at the store 🙂

~ This article may contain affiliate links. I only suggest product or services I believe will benefit my readers. All opinions are 100% mine! ~

How to Get Cheap Diapers on Amazon

#1 Join Amazon Prime

You can join and get an Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial. You have the option to cancel your membership before the 30 day deadline. Otherwise the cost for Amazon Prime’s annual membership is $99.

Once you are Amazon Prime members you can sign up for Amazon Family and receive 15% off ALL diaper purchases!!

My family and I LOVE Amazon Prime. We use it on a weekly basis. The customer service and speedy delivery of items are just a few perks of being a Prime member.

TIP: You can wait and join Amazon Prime in November when they usually have a special for $79. This is the BEST deal on a Prime Membership.

#2 Subscribe & Save

Subscribe and Save is offered on household items and diapers. When you choose Subscribe and save you will select when you want your order to be sent to you automatically. After you receive your first shipment you can cancel your subscription with no questions asked.
You can choose Subscribe and Save to save 5% off your purchase! Combine your Amazon Family savings and Subscribe and Save savings for a total of 20% off your purchase!

#3 Use eCoupons

You can find eCoupons when looking at the information on a product on Amazon. Click on ecoupon to “clip” the coupon and add it to your account. When you check out the coupon will be automatically deducted from your order.

Shop Amazon – Deals in Baby

#4 Use Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a great way to earn FREE Amazon gift cards for doing things you already do, like searching online. You can also watch videos, take short quizzes, and more to earn points towards an Amazon gift card reward.

500 points = $5 Amazon Gift Card

You can sign up for Swagbucks here and earn $5 just for signing up!

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#5 Shop through Ebates or Ibotta first!

Ebates is an online cash back site. You can earn between 3% – 5% on your purchase by shopping through Ebates.

Ibotta is an app for your phone or tablet that you use to earn cash back at grocery stores and Amazon! You can earn between 3% – 5% on your purchase by shopping through Ibotta.

I included both Ebates and Ibotta in this section because the percentage back is always changing. It’s a good idea to join both Ebates and Ibotta and use the best deal before you make your purchase!

Sign up for Ebates here and get $10 in your account just for signing up!

Sign up for Ibotta and earn $10 cash just for signing up!

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#6 Use Coupon Sites to Find Deals

Coupon sites like can help you to find online promo deals to save even more on diapers.

You can also use to track products and be notified when the products are at their lowest price. There is also a tracking history to show when the product was at it’s lowest in the past.

#7 Choose no-rush shipping (if not using Subscribe and Save)

Amazon Prime members who choose no-rush shipping earn promotional credits that can be used towards other shopping purchases in the future. When the item ships you will receive information about the credit details in an email.

That wraps up 7 tips for how to get cheap diapers on Amazon! Go ahead and get started earning points with Swagbucks so you can start buying diapers as you need them!

You really can save money and time by shopping on Amazon.

How do you save money on diapers?

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7 Easy Ways to Make 100 Dollars this Month

7 Easy Ways to Make 100 Dollars this Month

Everyone could use some easy ways to make 100 dollars this month!

$100 could have a big impact on your finances whether you use it to pay off debt faster, save for your emergency fund, or use it to pay for extra-curriculars for your kids.

It might seem hard to earn an extra $100 in a month, but you will be surprised at how many different ways you can earn extra money while working from home.

~ This article may contain affiliate links. I only suggest product or services I believe will benefit my readers. All opinions are 100% mine! ~

7 Easy Ways to Make $100 this Month

Here are 7 ways to you start working to make $100 this month! You can sign up for each of these and get started today…

#1 Take Surveys

Take surveys every day to earn $100 or more per month!

Give your opinion on everything through surveys and get paid with rewards that can be cashed out to your Paypal account. You can sign up for Vindale Research here!

You will be more likely to earn more money by signing up for several different survey companies and following a survey strategy.

Here are some of my favorite survey companies:

If you want to make even more money consider taking surveys that can lead to focus groups. You can work for online focus groups and earn up to $150 or more per online focus group.

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#2 Ebates

Ebates is a way to save cash, and if you are savvy you can earn cash back too…

a penny saved is a penny earned!

You can save between 3% – 10% or more on cash back offers from online stores that you love. Ebates is a favorite way to save money by getting the best price, but also you can take advantage of their refer a friend program and earn money by helping your friends save money.

Who doesn’t want to save money???

You can sign up for Ebates here and get $10 cash just for signing up!

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#3 Ibotta

Ibotta is another savings app, and you can also make money by sharing your referral code.

Ibotta is an amazing app that let’s you save money at grocery stores, Walmart, Target, and now Amazon! If you love crafting/sewing there is also a Joann’s Fabric savings with the Ibotta app.

For every person that starts an account with your referral code you earn $5 bucks!

You can sign up for Ibotta and get $10 cash just for signing up!


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#4 Swagbucks

Swagbucks is an easy way to earn $100 this month. They have a several options for making extra money.

You can try…

  • Answering polls
  • Using their search engine
  • Playing games
  • Watching videos

Swagbucks will give you $5 just for signing up!

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#5 Watch videos…get paid…Inbox Dollars

You can make money watching videos with Inbox Dollars.

You won’t be able to get to $100 quickly by watching videos alone.

One tip to get more videos in…

while you are folding laundry, watching TV, or even doing the dishes you can let the videos run and keep your phone refreshed.

Sign up for Inbox Dollars here and you can get a $5 bonus by confirming your email. 

#6 Testing Websites

Testing websites is one of my favorite ways to make money online. You can earn $10 per website test with  most companies.

Basically you are giving your opinion about how user friendly websites and apps are to use. You will need a computer and microphone. Most sites need you to download software so they can record your interaction with the website you are testing.

Some companies will let you test on your tablet or smartphone.

Here is a list of 15 Websites that Pay You to Test Websites from home.

#7 Air BnB

Air BnB is a great passive way to make income. If you have a spare room you could easily make renting out your space to travelers. You could easily find quality guests by the way you market your space.

We live in a college town and would likely market our spare room to parents of college students who want to visit. Think about who you want to stay in your home…

young college kids, business professionals, families, etc.

You can sign up with Air BnB here.


 #8 Start a Blog

You can totally make money blogging! I have been blogging for 8 months and I am able to use my earnings to cover a car payment!

Many bloggers are making serious income that allows them to stay home with kids, give up their 9 – 5, or even retire their husbands! Here’s the thing…

this isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. There are many late nights, early mornings, and lots of cups of coffee. It takes hours of hard work to grow your blog and build a relationship with your audience.

So, WHY start blogging…

Your first paycheck may only be worth $0.25, but the potential to grow your business is huge! This side hustle will initially take more time than the other job ideas on this list, but you could use your blog to build an entire business online.

How do you get started blogging?

Setting up a blog is really easy! If you are serious about blogging for money, then you should go ahead and get your own domain. Instead of www (dot) BlogName (dot) wordpress (dot) com; owning your own domain means you will have an address like this www (dot) BlogName (dot) com.

Owning your own domain gives you a professional look from the beginning, and if you’re serious about making money online you need a professional look.

You will need website hosting (which is approximately $75 per year). I started my hosting with Bluehost and had a great experience.

Bluehost was amazing and helped me set up my blog and connect to WordPress. I am SO not a techie person and the customer service was great. They literally walked me through every step of setting up my blog.

You can learn more about starting a blog in these posts:

Bluehost Guide

What do you need to Start a Blog?


Other ways to make money


Uber is a taxi service where you use your own car to pick people up and take them where they need to go. You get notifications on your phone of people who need a ride. Then you get paid when you drop the rider off.

Depending on where you live, you could earn $20 per hour driving for Uber. While this isn’t a work from home job it is a flexible job. You can set your own schedule and work as much or as little as you can

Sign up to drive with Uber here.

Uber Eats

Uber Eats is a delivery food service by Uber. You set your own schedule and are paired with restaurants to deliver food. Depending on the city you live in, you could earn $10 – $20 per hour delivering food with Uber Eats.

Sign up to drive with Uber Eats here.

What side hustle do you want to start to make an extra $100 per month?

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6 Side Hustles that will Make You 1000 Dollars or more per Month

6 Side Hustles that will Make You 1000 Dollars or more per Month

I have found 6 crazy side hustles that will make you 1000 dollars or more per month!

An extra $1000 per month could be life changing for you and your family. You could pay off debt faster, save money, pay for preschool, or anything else your family needs! What would you do with an extra $1000?

These legit jobs are REAL ways you can earn money online and work from anywhere.

~ This article may contain affiliate links. I only suggest product or services I believe will benefit my readers. All opinions are 100% mine! ~

6 Side Hustles that will Make You 1000 Dollars or more per Month

#1 Indeed Crowd

Indeed Crowd is a crowd-sourced recruiting platform used to help employers fill urgent job openings or hard to fill jobs.

Here’s how it works:

You work as an independent recruiter to find qualified candidates to fill positions. Indeed Crowd will pay you a $10 gift card (to Amazon) if you find a Match for a position posted by Indeed Hire. If your recruit is hired for a job then you will be paid a monetary reward that is listed to the left of the job posting. These rewards can range from $250 up to $5000!

How do you find workers?

Indeed Crowd wants you to use your social media accounts, Linkedin, and in-person networking opportunities to help recruit for the job openings they have listed. They also provide resources for how to use these networks to find recruits. Along with tips for writing emails to candidates that you don’t know personally.

If you are able to fill a job for one position that offers $1000 reward, then you have made your $1000 in a month. You could also find 100 matches and earn $1000 in Amazon gift cards.


#2 Click Funnels Affiliate

Russell Brunson is an online sales marketing guru. He (along with a team) has created Click Funnels which is a sales funnel marketing software designed so that anybody can create effective online marketing. The Click Funnels product includes everything needed to make a sales funnel from the landing pages, squeeze pages, special offers, and tons of training so anybody can create effective sales funnels.

You may be wondering how this can make you money???

Click Funnels will pay you an affiliate commission to share their product with business owners who need to do online advertising which is basically every company! The affiliate commission is at no additional charge to the customer, but you make money for basically introducing the business owners to the amazing products that Click Funnels has to offer.

If you are at all interested in online marketing, then I highly suggest you sign up for the training provided to Click Funnels affiliates called the Affiliate Bootcamp. The Affiliate Bootcamp training is completely FREE and it comes with a plan laid out for you to start making money as a Click Funnels affiliate. The value of the course is $997, but they give it away for FREE.


Once you learn about the Click Funnels product you can start targeting businesses in your local area that need to improve sells. You can send them an email or call their office. When you are targeting businesses you want to choose companies that sell products or services that are between $300+ per visit. Some ideas are dentists, dermatologists/skin care specialists, plastic surgeons, hotels, real estate companies, etc.

Yes! I want to be a Click Funnels Affiliate!  

There are different tiers of commission for each product that is sold, but if you were to sell roughly 10 products you could earn $1000 per month as a part time Click Funnels affiliate.

If you want to take your commission to the next level then you can become a Click Funnels Certified Partner. As a Click Funnels Certified Partner you go through an extensive training program where you learn how to create sales funnels for multiple niches with different types of sales funnels. The process is rigorous, but the outcome is pretty amazing. You will be able to build sales funnels for businesses and charge anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000 per month to build and maintain sales funnels.

Click here to see the webinar for Click Funnels Certified Partner.


#3 Merch by Amazon


Merch by Amazon is a place where you have access to the millions of Amazon traffic to sell Print On Demand t-shirts. The Merch by Amazon platform is in the very beginning stages and the sales growth opportunities are just beginning!


Here’s how it works:

You have to apply for an invite to the Merch by Amazon platform. This can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 6+ months. Once you receive your invitation you can upload t-shirt designs to the platform. When a shirt is sold earn a royalty fee based on the price of the shirt.


A t-shirt that sells for $19.99 will earn you a royalty fee of $7.19. If you sell 140 shirts per month you can make $1006.60 in royalties from Amazon!


Join Merch by Amazon here.


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#4 Freelance Writing


There are hundreds of thousands pieces of NEW content being created daily. Business owners don’t exactly have time to run their business and create new content on a daily basis. In order to keep a website fresh and up to date in search engines, businesses need people creating their content.


I got my start freelance writing by networking with two local businesses. They knew about my blog and were able to see the type of writing I can craft.


Here’s how it works:

You can get started freelance writing without a blog! Even though eventually you should start a blog so that you can grow your freelance writing business. If you just simply want to get started with freelance writing, I highly recommend taking a course like 30 Days to Freelance Writing Success.


30 Days to Freelance Writing Success covers everything you need to know about freelance writing like where to find jobs, how to negotiate your price, what to charge, and more!


So if you want to make $1000 per month with freelance writing, you can write 10 articles and charge $100 per article.


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FREE Writing Course


#5 Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants have strong administrative skills, are highly organized, and familiar with blogging/social media. There are several different ways that virtual assistants are used for businesses. Some businesses use a VA to keep up with emails, customer service online, blogging updates, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest.


Here’s how it works:

You can specialize in one area to maximize your skills and time. If you can get really good at a specific skill like Pinterest then you can become an authority in your niche and build a booming business.

Pinterest  VAs work for both businesses and bloggers. The typical rate for running Pinterest for a company is $250 per month. This can include pinning pins, joining group boards, creating pins, promoting pins and more.

You would need to sign up 4 accounts to make $1000 per month.

If you love Pinterest, but don’t really know anything about the business side of Pinterest then you should check out How to Become a Pinterest VA.


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#6 Start a Blog

Starting a blog is an amazing way to make extra money from home. Blogging is a way to help people solve their problems in any niche. Bloggers are paid 3 different ways; ads, affiliate programs, and sponsored posts.


Here’s how it works:

Ads income: Bloggers work with ad networks like Google Adsense to post ads that will appear on their blog. Different ad networks have requirements for the number of pageview or sessions that a blog must have before a blogger can be accepted into the program. This is a passive way to earn income from blogging.

Blogs can earn pennies up to thousands of dollars from blogs alone. The amount of money earned from ad income all depends on the number of pageviews a blog has per month.


Affiliate Programs: You can earn money through affiliate programs by recommending a product. When someone clicks on that product and purchases it the blogger earns a commission at no extra charge to the customer. The amazing thing is that almost every product you use has some sort of affiliate program, which makes it easy to share with your audience. Once you have blog posts created with affiliate links this is another passive income opportunity for blogging!


My favorite affiliate programs:

Amazon Affiliate


Flex Offers

Bloggers have to meet a certain minimum in order to receive their pay out from affiliate programs. This could range from $20 to earn an affiliate income from Amazon to $100 from a Flex Offers. Bloggers can earn pennies to thousands of dollars from affiliate programs per month.


Sponsored posts: A blogger will agree to write a post about a certain product or service for an amount of money. This is a great way to earn income, but you do have to create a  new written post to earn the money so it’s not passive.

Sponsored posts pay anywhere from $50 to $1000+ per post. The pay depends on the company sponsoring the post, how big the blog is (based on pageviews), and negotiating factors.


While you can make money from these different sources, it’s important that you only promote products or services that are relevant to your audience and are authentic recommendations.

It’s so not worth earning a few bucks for a product or service, that will cause you to lose your audience.

By focusing on providing your audience with answers to their problems you will be able to grow your audience (pageviews) and your income.


I’ve been shy about sharing my income report, but once I have one put together I’ll share it here with you! 

In the mean time, here are some more inspiring income reports from some of my favorite bloggers:

Carly of Mommy on Purpose

Suzi of Start a Mom Blog

Ashli of The Million Dollar Mama

You can make $1000 or more as blogger. There are many bloggers who have quit their jobs to blog full time!

Final Thoughts

Each of these jobs have the potential to make $1000 or more per month. You have to be willing to put in the hard work to earn the money, though. These are not get rich quick ideas! You will probably be working late nights, early mornings, and through nap time. There will probably be a huge learning curve. And sometimes you might wonder if all the effort is worth it, until you start to see your earnings grow.

So, do you think you would want to work one of these jobs from home?

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Productivity Hacks for Work at Home Moms

Does this sound like you? You love being a stay at home parent, but you are looking for a way to use the skills you developed in your career pre-kids. Your heart can’t handle missing out on their childhood, but you also need to engage your mind in a way that is more challenging than cleaning up Cheerios and folding another pile of laundry.


You have a drive to create an income and contribute financially to your family without leaving your kids behind. But the reality is that being a stay at home mom is a full-time job, and it feels like there is no way to get every aspect of home life and work life balanced.


As a work from home mom, I have been trying to figure out how to make my days more productive without using the dreaded TV babysitter. (you know you’ve done it too!) I have a 5 year old, 3 year old, and a 1 year old so while all the planning in the world could make our days better, I have to be realistic with my expectations of what I can accomplish with my work schedule. That may be you, too. Let’s all give ourselves room to breath knowing that our ability to accomplish our goals depends on the season of life we are experiencing.


I’ve been scouring the internet to find ideas that will help you create that elusive work – life balance. Mompreneurs and bloggers across the internet have amazing ideas on how to create a more productive work/life flow.


Below I’ve curated a list of ideas to help you with productivity hacks for work at home moms. I’ve also included the links to each website so you can see all the other amazing ideas that these bloggers have shared!

~ This article may contain affiliate links. I only suggest product or services I believe will benefit my readers. All opinions are 100% mine! ~

8 Productivity Hacks for Work at Home Moms


#1  Create a routine


This seems like a simple enough idea. But when I sit down and consider all the things that need to happen for my house to be “done.” The list is just too overwhelming! I love the idea of choosing 5 things to accomplish in the morning. This is the perfect way to simplify my huge list. It allows me to be realistic about what can be accomplished, and I don’t feel overwhelmed with the fact that not everything got done.

#2 Stay Focused


This is a list of 30 tips on how you can stay focused during your work time at home. These are my favorites that I’m going to try…

  • Start with a ritual to get yourself in “work mode”
  • Use a designated work space (My husband is going to build me a desk and I’m think something like this but in a desk version. I’m obsessed with mixing materials like wood and metal!)
  • Set “work hours”


Seems so simple right?


#3 Stop Multi-Tasking


Multi-tasking seems like a good idea, until you realize you have a bunch of projects that are still not finished. You can actually accomplish more completed projects by prioritizing and completing one project at a time! I know when I am multi-tasking usually I forget something important which costs me even more time.

#4 Have a plan for distractions and interruptions


Have you ever gotten lost on Pinterest? An hour (or 2!) later you wonder what you even sat down to do. Social media, emails, and other online distractions can make you waste time. Try turning off all your social media and notifications so that you can focus on your task at hand.


As a mom, I know my kids are going to interrupt my workflow unless I give them something specific to do. I try to keep my boys busy with coloring activities, arts/crafts, building with legos or one of these toys that spark creativity.


#5 Write everything down


Write EVERYTHING DOWN!! I mean this is really so simple and can clear up your mind to focus on other things. So many times I think that I can remember everything, and most of the time I totally forget…


shoes for the kids, a suitcase when we were travelling, sending out an important email, meeting a deadline…you get the idea!


Call me old-fashioned but there is something that just feels right about using a pen and paper to write down a to-do list! (I absolutely LOVE these pens…you know you’re an adult when you love a good pen:) Since that’s not always possible I like to use my phone to keep track of my to-do lists.


There are several recommendations for apps you can use in this post, but I prefer Evernote.


#6 Done is better than perfect!


I’ve given my 5 year old and 3 year old chores to do that are age appropriate. When it comes to folding laundry or picking up the toys…I try to remember that done is better than perfect. I try to focus on the fact that they did their job! As they grow we discuss how to do a better job, but I try to remember that I’m training them and it’s a marathon not a sprint.


When it comes to work the same mantra applies… spending an excessive amount of time to create the perfect blog post, teach the most amazing lesson (I only have 25 minutes per class), or create the perfect email is probably focusing on the wrong aspects that will help me grow my business. Not every aspect of my business can be perfect… in reality I’m constantly learning new things and almost everything I do can be improved.


So learn where you can set high expectations and areas that you can let it go.


I started using Walmart Grocery Pick-Up and it was life changing. I don’t mean to be so dramatic, but it seriously has saved me at least 2 hours per week. Not to mention it has saved me money, because I can see the amount add up on the right side of the screen.


This along with meal planning has seriously saved me hours during my week!


#8 Encourage independent play with your kids


Independent play is golden when you’re a work at home mom. When kids play independently without us, they learn how to function independently in the safety of our home. So while it’s beneficial for mom, independent play is also beneficial for your kids too!


This post gives great ideas for extending independent play. I love using audiobooks for my kids when they give up naps. I usually borrow audiobooks from the library and each kid gets their own book to listen to the story. The books usually last between 12 – 20 minutes. Just enough time to squeeze in a quick task.  

#9 Reward yourself!

I love this advice from Crazy Busy Happy Life! Make a point to give yourself rewards when you complete a project. Don’t just make it a piece of chocolate, either. Choose something that you would REALLY like to have, but don’t normally allow for yourself. So work hard, and then go get the massage, those new shoes, or a pedicure. Set your own bonuses and rewards!

What productivity hacks for work at home moms do you have?

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10 Ways to Make Extra Money at Home

10 Ways to Make Extra Money at Home

I am always looking for ways to make extra money at home. As a busy mom of 3 boys ages 5 and under, I have to squeeze in ways to make extra money  in the nooks and crannies of my day.

These are the top 10 brilliant ways to make extra money at home. You can earn $10 – $1000+ per month with these extra income side hustles. How much you earn depends on the amount of time you can fit into your day and the side hustle you choose to work.

~ This article may contain affiliate links. I only suggest product or services I believe will benefit my readers. All opinions are 100% mine! ~

Ways to Make Extra Money at Home

#1 Surveys that Pay with Paypal

Surveys are a great way to make money at home. You can easily fit surveys into your day while watching TV or while the kids are playing for a few minutes. Most surveys take between 10 – 20 minutes.

You can earn $30 – $150 per month taking surveys. There is a whole system that is involved in making the most out of surveys. Survey sites pay primarily in 2 ways either through cash (Paypal or Check) or giftcards. You can read more about strategies for surveys here.

mystery shopping guide

#2 Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping is a great side hustle if you are looking to get free products and make a little side cash. You can expect to find deals like getting your oil changed, having lunch or dinner at a restaurant, or even getting products from a store.

The type of jobs that are available to you depend on where you live. If you are in a bigger city then you will most likely have more opportunities for better mystery shopping. You are typically paid for your time during the mystery shop as well as reimbursed for the service/products that you may have bought during the mystery shopping event.

Here is a great read for more details: Guide to Mystery Shopping with Bestmark

get paid to test websites

#3 Get Paid to Test Websites

Testing websites is a great way to make extra money. Many companies need their websites to be user friendly. You can get paid to test websites, apps, and other online products. These types of work at home side hustles are perfect because you can choose when you do them. There is no set requirement for the amount you need to do. Most of these testing websites pay $10 for a 15 – 20 minute test.

Read more about how to Get Paid to Test Websites here.

#4 Working as a Search Engine Evaluator

Working as a search engine evaluator is a flexible online job that doesn’t require a quiet background. A search engine evaluator basically helps Google or other search engines clean up their mess. You will be assigned a project and work on analyzing web pages or social media content. This can be detailed work at times, but the pay is good for a side hustle. (I can’t say how much I make to non-disclosure agreements, but you can do a quick google search and find out information.)

I have experience with Leapforce where I have worked on several projects as a search engine evaluator. You can read more about my experience working for Leapforce and how you can get started too! 

teaching english online

#5 Teach English to Chinese Students with VIP Kid

As a former elementary school teacher, I honestly love teaching English to Chinese students through VIP Kid. This is a unique work from home opportunity. I have a virtual classroom where I teach students from Beijing, China early in the morning (5:00 am EST/5:00 pm Beijing time).

This is a more consistent way to make money online. Students sign up for your class, and over time you can have regular students each week. It can take a few weeks to build up your schedule, but the pay is great and the kids are fun too!

You can earn $20 an hour teaching with VIP Kid. Read more details about working with VIP Kid here.

flea market flipping

#6 Flipping Flea Market Items on Ebay

Flipping flea market items is an easy side hustle to start. You can invest for as little as $30. Melissa from Flea Market Flipper gives some great advice about how to get started selling goods on Ebay.

Melissa and her husband made $130,000 in 2016 flipping flea market goods! You can see more of her experience and how to get started flea market flipping, here.

#7 Starting an Etsy Shop

If you love being crafty, then you can get creative making money selling goods on Etsy. Cece from Lively Designs shares how she got started selling handmade T-shirts in her Etsy shop. She has now sold over 10,000 shirts in about 6 months! Her business is growing quickly and she has some great tips for anyone else who wants to get started with an Etsy shop.

direct sales tips for growth


#8 Direct Sales

Direct Sales are a great way to build relationships, sale products, and make money. You can earn money by selling products to friends and families. You probably know friends or family who are selling a product.

If you find a product that you love and enjoy selling, then starting a direct sales business could be a great side hustle. You can also expand your business with these tips for growing your business beyond friends and family with these amazing tips! 

how to make passive income with Amazon

#9 Make Passive Income with Amazon

You can make passive income by selling t-shirts on Merch by Amazon, a print on demand service offered by Print-on-demand means that you create a design, upload it to Amazon, and then Amazon takes care of the rest when a shirt is ordered. As a Merch seller, you don’t have to print, pack, ship, or handle returns!

This is a great way to be creative and sell to Amazon’s huge audience. Many people do not have to pay for any advertising for their shirts. They simply use organic search and keywords to sell on Amazon. You can learn more about Merch by Amazon here and sign up for the program.

While you’re waiting to get onto the Merch platform, you can start selling on other POD (print on demand) sites like TeeSpring and Cafepress.

#10 Get Paid to Freelance Write

Freelance writing is a great way to make extra money from home. There are sites that you can work through to find work or you can network and find clients to pay you for your work. I love freelance writing because I can choose topics that I am interested about and get paid to write.

This has been another very flexible job that I can do during nap time or when the kids to go to bed. Some freelance writers earn up to $500 or more for a post! Now is a great time to become a freelance writer because there is an increasing need for content.

Find out how to get started with a freelance writing side hustle here.

Final Thoughts:

There are so many great ways to work from home and make extra money. You need to jump in and start trying different work from home jobs so that you can find something that you enjoy doing.

How do you plan to make extra money?

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Test Websites to Earn Extra Money

Test Websites to Earn Extra Money

test websites to earn extra money

Every company big or small knows the value in having a website. It only makes sense that in order for those sites to be effective for the company the site needs to be user friendly. You can get paid to test websites to earn extra money online!

~ This article may contain affiliate links. I only suggest product or services I believe will benefit my readers. All opinions are 100% mine! ~

Why do companies need user testing?


Websites need to be user friendly in order to create business for a company. If a user gets to the site, but can’t easily find the information they are looking for all the work on the site is in vain. So companies can now hire you an average user to see where the flaws are on their site.


How to get paid to test websites?


The same way you can get paid to take surveys, you can get paid to test websites. You sign up with different user testing websites who will notify you of tests available for you to complete. Most sites will pay roughly $10 for a 20 minute test.


Pro Tip: Sign up for several different user testing companies. This will increase your opportunity to take more tests. I personally prefer using User Testing. I leave the dashboard open on my computer throughout the day. When a new test opens up my computer notifies me and I can hop on and take the test. You are much more likely to get tests this way!


What you will need to get paid to test websites?

  • Computer
  • Smartphone
  • Microphone (microphone on your Apple iPhones is fine)
  • Web cam (usually built into your computer is fine)
  •  Ability to download software that will record your voice and actions on your computer



Test Websites to Earn Extra  Money


Amazon Mturk


Amazon Mechanical Turk is owned by You can work a variety of small tasks including testing websites. Amazon Mturk pays less than most of the other sites on this list, but it is worth mentioning if you have extra time and want to make a little cash. The tasks are usually very short and easy to do.


Requirements: Computer, Internet connection, microphone, webcam

Payments: Earnings are credited into your Amazon payment account and can be used on or transferred to a bank




Test website usability with Analysia. The website states that you will only be able to take 1 test per day.


Requirements: Computer, Internet connection, microphone, webcam

Payments: Pay is $10 per test


Enroll – available worldwide


Provide feedback on website logos, usability, content, etc. Tests are available on smartphones and computers. Pay can be as low as $0.10 for answering a quick question.


Requirements: Computer, Internet connection, microphone

Payments: Pay differs by test, paid into a Paypal account


My Crowd – available worldwide


Search for bugs on websites. Website owners set a rate for each bug found on their website.


Requirements:Computer, Internet connection

Payments: Pay differs by test


Start Up Lift


Provide feedback on websites of start up companies. Unlimited number of tests available each day.


Requirements: Computer, Internet connection

Payments: $5 paid per test paid into your Paypal account weekly


Test Birds


Available in several countries worldwide.


Testing bugs in software either downloaded to your computer or online.


Requirements:Computer, Internet connection

Payments: Pays $21 per test or 20 Euros


Testing Time


You will be testing products, websites, and apps from your computer. You will meet with client on Skype and be given tasks to complete. Your tasks will be recorded. Tests can be 30 to 90 minutes long.


Requirements: Computer, Internet connection, microphone, webcam, Skype

Payments: Up to $50 per test and paid via Paypal


Try My UI


Provide feedback on websites and apps through video recording and short answer responses. Tests take about 20 minutes to complete.


Requirements: Computer, Internet connection, microphone

Payments: $10 per test paid into your Paypal account. Usually takes 3 – 5 days from completion of test.





You will talk your way through a website giving feedback on how the website functions. You can become a tester by taking a sample test. Once you are approved you will be sent emails for testing opportunities.


Requirements: Computer, Internet connection, microphone

Payments: $10 per test paid into your Paypal every week.




Worldwide opportunities available.


Provide feedback on websites, applications, prototypes, concepts, etc. You will need to download Userlytics software for screen and voice recording. Once you pass the sample test you can begin taking tests.


Requirements: Computer, Internet connection, microphone

Payments: $10 per test, the first Friday of the week after a test is completed


User Testing


Worldwide opportunities available.


Provide feedback on websites and apps. You will need to download User Testing software for screen and voice recording. Once you pass the sample test you will receive email updates for tests you may qualify for. You can also log in and check for updates on your dashboard.


Requirements: Computer, Internet connection, microphone; smartphone and tablet tests are available

Payments: Pays $10/$15 per test to Paypal account 7 days after completion of test


User Zoom


Test websites and apps while providing video and audio feedback. You can use your computer or smartphone to take tests. You will need to download the User Zoom software. Tests range from 10 – 20 minutes.


Requirements: Computer, Internet connection, microphone

Payments: $5 – $10 depending on the task pays to a Paypal account 10 – 14 days after test completion




Test websites, apps, ebooks, and more with some of the biggest brands like Amazon and Google. Length of tests and pay varies on the complexity of the test.


Requirements: Computer, Internet connection, microphone, webcam

Payments: Pay varies based on test




Complete website and app tests for companies. Tests take between 2 and 5 minutes to take. The tests are first come first serve so be sure to respond to email updates quickly!


Requirements: Computer, Smartphone, Internet connection

Payments: Pay varies based on test, Pays to a Paypal account


What Users Do


Worldwide opportunities available.


You can test websites with What Users Do. You will receive email links to tests that you qualify for. You will typically be able to take 3 – 5 tests per month. If you give high quality feedback you will likely be given more opportunities to test.


Requirements: Computer, Internet connection, microphone

Payments: Up to 8 €/£ US/$ per test, paid monthly into Paypal account

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Direct Sales Tips for Growth

Direct Sales Tips for Growth

direct sales tipsWould you like direct sales tips for growth? Whether you want to start or grow a direct sales business, changing your mindset towards traditional business will be key to your success. Choosing to do direct sales as a side hustle requires some thoughtful consideration, because essentially you are starting a REAL business.

Starting a business costs money and time. A direct sales business is one of the cheapest ways to start a small business, but you really have to consider the amount of time, sweat, money, and effort you have to put into your business.


Some people start a direct sales business for the discount of products they love and others jump into direct sales to have extra income from their side hustle.


If you are thinking about a side hustle with a direct sales company, then take your time to find products you love and a leader you trust.

~ This article may contain affiliate links. I only suggest product or services I believe will benefit my readers. All opinions are 100% mine! ~

Is Direct Sales an extra income side hustle for me?

Here’s a little background on my experience joining a direct sales company.

I started with a protein drink direct sales business after my second son was born. In my heart, I was determined to leave my teaching job so that I could stay home with my 2 boys (we now have 3!).

I bought the kit, persuaded my brother to join me, and found one other friend to be on my team. My approach to selling was to mix up the drink and take it around to classrooms after school to see if teachers wanted to try it. I made a few sales, but I never followed up with people and I never pushed my product. I barely shared it on social media!

Did I mention that I’m super shy AND introverted?!

So WHY am I always drawn back to direct sales?

I see my friends and friends-of-friends sharing about their latest favorite Direct Sales Company and their amazing products. Even though I am totally an introvert, every few months I start to consider maybe this whole direct sales marketing gig is for me.

But what exactly is drawing me to want to give this crazy side biz a try…

My friends who are marketing their businesses the right way (there definitely is a wrong way!) on Facebook and social media are using Attraction Marketing. They aren’t shoving their products in my face or messaging me to buy their products.

Instead they are sharing their lifestyle which happens to include the amazing products they use with their company. People who use attraction marketing are sharing value through their posts, videos, blogs, and other social media channels.

Over the past 9 months, I’ve been constantly learning how to develop an audience of people who want to hear my message. I think that if I can apply the strategies I’ve used for affiliate marketing and blogging to a direct sales business, then being an introvert/shy won’t be an issue.

So what exactly is Attraction Marketing?

“Attraction Marketing” is kind of a buzz word in the world of Network Marketing. Basically it means that you are leading with value through your social media posts, blogs, videos by sharing information and education about your products. The idea is when you provide amazing value you will be attracting people who care about your product.

Sometimes you might see people share a post about the amazing life they have because of their direct marketing business…they are using attraction marketing to draw people to their business who have the same desires.

Another post you may see is how to use a product or the amazing effects of a product. In this type of post you are drawing people who value health, skincare, natural living, etc.

Does attraction marketing work?

Attraction marketing does work to some extent. If you are sharing posts on Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat, or other social media platforms you are still only reaching your audience which is mostly made up of friends and family.

And after a few months, your educational and informational posts are going to be overlooked or ignored.

A lot of direct sales business owners start to feel stuck. How can you grow your following? How can you build a tribe of people who want your awesome products or want to start a business venture with you?

As I contemplate jumping into another direct sales job opportunity, I have realized that a lot of what I do as a blogger could easily influence a direct sales business. These are tips that will help you grow a following of people who are interested in the same goals and dreams you have.

Direct Sales Tips for Growth

#1 Think like a business leader.

If you have already started a direct sales business and your goal is to create a real income, then you have to have the mindset of a business leader. Your goal is to not be working “in” your business spending all your time hunting down your next lead.


You need a strategic plan for creating new sales and helping others start their own businesses. Think about your message and how you present your business to people. No one wants to be “sold to.”


People want to know “what’s in it for me?” In order to create a successful business, you need to be able to provide people with high quality value and resources to meet their needs or solve a problem.


#2 If you are in a direct sales business you are not *Rodan + Fields* or *Young Living* or *Beauty Counter* etc.


You need to create YOUR brand. People want to connect with your image. Think about who you are and be authentic to YOUR story. If you live a crazy life as a mom of a bunch of kids…share that story. If you are obsessed with makeup and fashion…go with that story. If you are a hot mess…trust me, we can totally relate 🙂 SHARE YOUR STORY!


I can think off the top of my head 10 people in my circle of friends who have the SAME direct sales business!


The question is WHY would I choose someone to join in their business adventure?

I’m not choosing the product, I’m choosing THE STORY I want to connect with. You have to create your personal brand to differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack.


I’ll be honest it sounds hard to do, but this is totally possible. There is no one like you! People will be drawn to the way you talk, your personal story, and your leadership.


#3 You need to have a Facebook page separate from your personal page.


Here’s the thing, you’ve probably exhausted all those friends and family who are going to join you on your journey…maybe not. You might get a few stragglers as you share how your business grows, but your business isn’t going to have BIG growth if you just keep sharing to the same people over and over again.


You need to build your Facebook page as part of your personal BRAND. We aren’t talking about “Sally’s Young Living Page.” That’s so boring!  


Think about your story…what are you trying to say? Who are you trying to ATTRACT to your business?


*Sally is trying to attract moms who want to create a natural/toxin free living environment.  So her Facebook page could be “Natural Living Moms” or “The Essential Mom” or something more clever 😉


Then you are going to use your Facebook page to provide TONS of value to your ideal customers. You can post memes, blog posts about using your product, photos, videos, etc. You can also sell your products from your page. The idea is that you are drawing in people from all over the country who CONNECT with YOUR brand!


You can also promote a private Facebook group for anyone who would like to sell your products and join your team!


Resource: If marketing through a Facebook page sounds like something you want to do, then I would highly recommend you join the FREE Facebook Page Massive Growth Strategies! There are tons of free videos with Rachel who teaches a course called Moolah Marketing (who to create profitable Facebook pages). Rachel provides amazing value in the free facebook group. Jump in and watch/read everything you can get your hands on!


#4 Learn everything you can about online marketing with Click Funnels.


Have you heard of Russell Brunson? He is the developer of Click Funnels, an all inclusive online marketing platform. Click Funnels includes sales funnels that help you to build your business, sell your products, and grow your customer base.


I’ll let Russel give you the details on Click Funnel:

If You Have a Business, We Have a Sales Funnel That’ll Work for You from ClickFunnels on Vimeo.



Russell Brunson is pretty much a genius marketer, and here’s the crazy thing…he gives a ton of information away for FREE!  


Whether you ever decide to use the Click Funnels platform you need to learn about sales funnels and how to utilize them effectively for your business.


Resource: Two suggestions…I highly recommend Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson. This book is all about finding you message and building your tribe (customers who are crazy about YOUR brand and your product).


This book is amazing and will change your mindset about your business! The book is FREE, but you do pay $7.95 for shipping and handling.


My second recommendation is for you to join as a Click Funnels Affiliate. You don’t have to buy anything to become an affiliate, or even give your credit card information.


The 90 day Click Funnels Bootcamp led by Russell Brunson, is the reason you need to join. He basically teaches you about online marketing in 30 – 40 minute videos over the course of 90 days. The value is incredible…and it’s all for free!


If you want to give Click Funnels a try and see what it can do for your business, then there is a 2 week free trial.


Recommended Reading:

5 Ways to Use a Sales Funnel to Build Your Network Marketing Business

How to Launch a High Achieving MLM Sales Funnel

#5 Start building an email list.


Building an email list is integral to your business. You own your email list, meaning you can take it with you wherever you go. Facebook owns Facebook…they can change the algorithm and lower your reach. They control what is seen, what you can share, but your email list belongs to you.


This is where you can build a relationship with your customers sell your products and convert customers into business owners who trust you enough to let you in their inbox!


Resource: Mailerlite is my email platform and I love it! They have amazing features like nicely designed landing pages, segmenting, automation, and other great features for free up to 1000 email subscribers. If you are just starting out I highly recommend Mailerlite. Note: You will need a blog/website with access to an email address in order to set up Mailerlite.


#6 Start a blog or website for your brand.


Blogging may seem like an overwhelming task to take on, but you can do so much with a blog again because it is YOURS! You can provide value, attract your ideal customers, and capture emails with a sign-up for a newsletter.


You could use your blog to continue your branding of your direct sales business or you could redirect your blog pages to your direct sales company site (you need to check with your company to see if that is allowed.)


You can easily start a blog for free with WordPress. However, I think that owning your own domain gives you more authority in your niche. A self-hosted site gives you a great place to develop your brand and drive traffic to your business.


All you would need is a simple website with a menu bar, option to join your email list, and blog posts about products or joining your company. Another valuable reason (related to number 7) is that you will be able to do more marketing on social media with a blog.


Resource: You can sign up for a self-hosted site with Bluehost for as little as $3.95 per month! You will also get a free domain name ($15 value). A self-hosted site is valuable for you because you will be able to set up an email account, Pinterest Business account, and you will be able to develop your personal brand.

Related Reading: How to Start a Blog

#7 Create a Pinterest Business Account.


Pinterest is an amazing way to find FREE targeted traffic to your website and landing page. It is the number one referrer for most bloggers and small businesses using a website to generate traffic.


Pinterest works like a search engine. People are going to Pinterest looking for something specific. While other social media platforms are about connecting with friends and family, Pinterest is all about inspiration for your life.


You need a self-hosted website to create a Pinterest Business Account. With a Pinterest Business Account you can track pins to find out who is pinning your pin and how many times it is being shared. You can create pins that drive traffic to your email sign up, Facebook page, Facebook group, etc.


Pinterest is one of the best tools for getting pin-pointed targeted traffic.

Recommended Reading: 

How to Use Pinterest for Direct Sales

How to Spy on Your Competition!

This quick little trick will let you spy on how your competition is using a sales funnel…

Go to the Google search bar.

Type in:    Site: (your niche) to see sales funnels that other business owners are using!

Here’s an example >>> Site: rodan and fields

Final Note:

When I’m ready to start my direct sales business, these are the steps I will take to market my business to people who are already interested in my products and business venture.

You can use each of these tools listed above to develop a strategic plan to attract people who are already interested in starting a direct sales company without posting constantly to your personal Facebook page and hearing crickets.


Are you ready to take your direct sales company to the next level?

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20 Online Proofreading Jobs for Beginners

20 Online Proofreading Jobs for Beginners


Proofreading jobs are in high demand as online content is increasing every day! Proofreading jobs for beginners can be a bit tricky to find because most places want you to have experience, but I’ve got some ways for you to build experience to get you started proofreading from home or anywhere!

online proofreading jobs for beginners

~ This article may contain affiliate links. I only suggest product or services I believe will benefit my readers. All opinions are 100% mine! ~

Why are proofreaders in demand? 

“[Businesses] who prioritize [online content: ex. blogging] are 13x more likely to see a positive Return On Investment for their efforts!” (State of Inbound Marketing)

Bloggers, small business owners, and entrepreneurs are motivated to use online content to build their business. There is an increasing number of opportunities to proofread and edit content from online e-books, blogs, social media posts, email content, and more!

Editing vs. Proofreading

There is a difference between editing and proofreading even though the terms are commonly used interchangeably.

Editing is creating an over all cohesiveness to a piece of writing. It addresses the flow, style, clarity, sentence structure and the message of a piece of writing.

Proofreading is the nitty gritty of the writing piece. The proofreading process requires you to correct grammar, spelling mistakes, and punctuation.

Editing is the big picture while proofreading is the mechanics of a piece of writing.

Online Proofreading Jobs for Beginners

This is a list of companies that hire contractors to proofread. Each company has it’s own requirements and my require you to pass a proofreading exam before you can start work. Also, these companies sometimes hire in batches, but you can usually apply at any time. Just be prepared that it could be several weeks or months even before you hear from them.

Domainite hires editing/proofreading positions from home with NO experience! Pays weekly through Paypal.

Smart Brief has editing opportunities for beginners.

Lionbridge has temporary jobs opportunities to edit for specific projects.

Babbletype has occasional opportunities to edit translations.

Other places to look for beginning Proofreading/Editing Jobs – Just type “Proofreading” or “Editor” in the “What” section and “Remote” or “Work from Home” in the “Where” section. – You can find telecommute proofreading/editing jobs on FlexJobs. You do need to join their site for $15 per month in order to access job listings. FlexJobs is very reputable and worth the membership if you are serious about finding a work from home job. They thoroughly review every job posting to be sure that it is a legit work from home opportunity. You can cancel the membership at any time!

Online Proofreading Jobs to Work from Home

These online proofreading/editing jobs are usually accepting applications, but they may not be currently hiring. Many of these companies require some experience and that you pass an exam before getting started.

Book in a Box – Editing for books and other gigs.

Cactus Communications – Editing for medical documents with a flexible schedule

Editor World – A marketplace for editors where clients can choose who they work with

Gramlee – Always accepting applications

Hello Essay – Editing college admissions essays and other academic essays

IXL Learning – Editing positions are listed occasionally for their educational products

Kibin – Occasionally hiring for proofreading and editing. Email to find out when they are hiring

ProofreadingPal – You will be proofreading and editing documents in their 2 tier system – Full or part-time work available

Resume Edge – Writing and editing resumes from home

Scribbr – Must be a native English speaker to apply (Open to US/Canada/UK/Australia)

Scribendi – Experience required to for editing and proofreading

Sibia Proofreading – Require experience and must be a native English speaker

Wordfirm – Requires 3 years of experience

Words RU – Requires a degree and 2 years of experience

Wordvice – You will need a master’s degree, Microsoft Word, and knowledge of style guides

Turn Your Proofreading Skills into a Freelance Business

If you want more control over your work, then you could start a freelance proofreading business from home. Below I have listed 2 ways you can start working from home as a freelance proofreader.

#1 General Proofreading: Books, Blogs, and Websites

There are tons of opportunities to start proofreading for books, blogs, and websites. You don’t need a college degree to get started as long as you have an eagle eye for grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors.

Caitlyn Pyle of Proofread Anywhere has put together an extremely valuable FREE online workshop to help you get started with general proofreading. You can register here for the free workshop.  In the workshop, Caitlyn gives you tips on where to find clients, tools for proofreading, and how to maximize your skills! She also shares about her course General Proofreading: Theory & Practice.

#2 Proofreading for Transcripts for Court Reporters

You can literally work from anywhere on your iPad as long as you have a wifi connection proofreading transcripts for court reporters. You can read more about A Day in the Life of a Transcription Proofreader here.

You can also take this FREE 7 day e-course to learn more tips about getting started as a proofreader for court reporters. This is a specific niche with lots of job opportunity!


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Get Paid to Proofread Online

Get Paid to Proofread Online

Get Paid to Proofread Online

Do you want the freedom to work from anywhere you have Wifi connection? Whether that means working during nap time or while you’re traveling the world; you can get paid to proofread online! 

Proofreading is a skill that is in high demand for books, blogs, and websites. You can start a side hustle in general proofreading or even turn your proofreading skills into a full time career.

~ This article may contain affiliate links. I only suggest product or services I believe will benefit my readers. All opinions are 100% mine! ~

What is the work of a proofreader?

Do you love red pens?

Do you cringe when you catch a misspelled word while reading your favorite blog?

Are you constantly correcting writing mistakes on social media?

If you answered yes to any of those questions then you may have the skills necessary to get started in freelance proofreading.  A proofreader is someone who makes corrections to text from books, advertisements, blogs,  social media, and transcripts.

A proofreader corrects spelling mistakes, grammar, matches the style of writing with the voice of the original author, and typographical errors.

How much money does a proofreader make?

There are a few factors that determine how much a proofreader makes per job.

  • Experience
  • Speed
  • Education

Proofreaders charge by the hour or by the page. Either way according to the national avearage for Proofreading is about $36,000 or more.

Experience and speed will be gained over time and with practice you will improve. As you gain experience you will be able to increase your price and build your business.

Education is an important step to becoming a successful proofreader. You don’t have to have a college degree, but you could really benefit from others who get paid to proofread online.

Caitlyn Pyle of Proofread Anywhere has created a FREE workshop that introduces you to the world of general proofreading for blogs and books! It’s a workshop jam packed with tips on what good proofreaders do and don’t do, how to take your skills to the next level, places to find new clients, and one Ah-mazing proofreading tool.

You can register for the free workshop here. The workshop also includes information on the e-course General Proofreading: Theory & Practice. I highly recommend you check out the free workshop if proofreading is something you are interested in because Caitlyn Pyle offers incredible value for FREE.

What do you need to become an editor (or proofreader)?

You need to love reading to become an editor or proofreader. As a proofreader you will be spending a lot of time reading copy. You will also need an eagle’s eye to catch mistakes. It can often take multiple readings of copy to ensure that all the mistakes have been taken care of. A proofreader has to be able to stay focused on the task without much distraction.

Final Thoughts

Proofreading is a great way to work from home as a stay at home mom. It’s a work from home job that is convenient because you can start and stop as needed through out the day. This is a very flexible side hustle that has potential to earn part-time or even full-time income.

Do you have eagle eyes? Is proofreading a side gig you’re interested in learning more about?

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Make Money from Home Jobs: Laundry Care

Make Money from Home Jobs: Laundry Care

Make Money from Home Jobs: Laundry Care

I’m always looking for make money from home jobs: Laundry Care is a great way for stay at home moms to make money from home.

One of my favorite ways to make money from home is by doing something I already do . . .

like the laundry.

I once heard someone say that anything we do in our daily activities can be turned into a business, because there are enough people out there that don’t want to do it!

I would LOVE to have a house cleaner even though I’m very capable of cleaning my own house. My husband would love someone to mow the grass for us. It would save us both time and energy to have someone else do those chores.

Laundry is another example. Anybody can do their laundry, but it’s all about where people want to invest their time and energy. For people who are working full time jobs, it’s worth paying for a service that gives them time freedom.

If you have a passion to start a home business doing what you already do, then Laundry Care can help you start a wash and fold business!

Today, I’m interviewing Danielle Balog the owner of Laundry Care! I love the opportunity to interview other moms who have the same passion to find a way to work from home!

Danielle’s sharing her journey of starting a work from home business and how you can start your own.

~This is a sponsored post. I only recommend opportunities that I believe will benefit my readers.~

make money from home jobs laundry care
Danielle Balog, President of Laundry Care

Danielle, welcome to Smart Cents Mom! Tell us a little about yourself. 

Thank you for the opportunity! I’m a mom of 2 from Columbus, Ohio. I have a B.S. in Business

Management and have always been driven to help people achieve their career goals. In 2009, I

started a local laundry service so I could work from home with my kids. After a few months, a

couple of friends asked how they could join me in the business. Now we have over 40 locations


What motivated you to start Laundry Care?

I’ve always been attracted to the idea of running my own business. Not just because you get to

be your own boss but because you get to create and grow something. When I was thinking

about what type of business I’d operate, laundry service immediately came to mind. We have a

major university located in our downtown (Ohio State), and I knew college students do not have

the time or desire to do laundry. I started placing flyers around campus, advertising my new

service and soon I had a full book of clients.


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What is Laundry Care LLC?

Laundry Care is a residential and commercial laundry service in locations nationwide. Our

services are performed by home-based Providers, laundromats, and dry cleaners.

How does Laundry Care work?

Clients sign-up through our website, and are dispatched to the local Provider(s).

Each Provider manages their own schedule and route, so they’ll contact the client to schedule a

laundry pick-up, pick-up the laundry, bring it to their home/place of business to wash, dry, fold,

hang, etc. Then, drop it off to the client within 48 hours.

What are the benefits of being a Laundry Care provider?

Flexibility is a huge benefit! Providers make their own schedule and specify their local service

area boundaries. Plus, why not earn money doing something you already do?

When someone signs up to be a Laundry Care provider how much does it cost and what is included?

The cost to become a Provider is a one-time cost of $30 which includes 5 Laundry Care bags,

ten garment covers, and five bag tags. Aside from that, they gain access to our 24-hour

resource center and our experienced team to offer support.

What does a day in the life of a Laundry Care business look like?

Our Providers have the flexibility to manage their own schedules. So each day will be different,

but they could look something like this:

Morning: review route for that day which includes pickups/deliveries.

Afternoon: Pickup laundry and deliver completed orders (usually 2 hrs of driving).

Late Afternoon: Unload vehicle and prepare laundry for processing.

Evening: Process laundry or defer to the next day.

*Throughout the day, respond to new client alerts.

What kind of training is offered to new providers?

The great thing about Laundry Care is our Providers already have the skills they need to do the

work. No training is required! We do offer Providers several tools, resources, support, and

materials to sharpen their skills and grow their business.

How does a Laundry Care provider scale their business?

A provider can scale their business by confining their routes to specific areas, on specific days.

This saves them not only on mileage but also time. Other things our Providers do include

allowing one full day of processing (no driving) so that they can complete a lot of orders in a

shorter period, upgrading the equipment to larger and more energy efficient machines and using

a helper.

What’s the best way to find clients?

Facebook and word-of- mouth are the BEST ways to spread the word. We offer pre-designed

ad images and flyers to make it easy for Providers to market their laundry service.

How can I use social media to grow my business? Is there training for using different social media platforms?

Our Provider site has a ton of ready-made images to post, along with step-by- step ways to use

Facebook to develop and grow your business to meet your income goals. I’ve found out of all

the different types of social media Facebook is the most well known and used platform.

What do I need to get started with my business?

To become a Laundry Care Provider, you’ll need functional machines (washer & dryer) and a

flat work area with hanging space or area to sort/ fold/ package laundry. A reliable vehicle is

also a necessity.

What kind of money can new Providers expect to make?

This will depend on multiple factors including demand in the area and capacity to take new

clients. Some providers reside in smaller communities where the demand is not as high

(Chicago vs. Salt Lake City), and others have a restricted schedule (other jobs/obligations). The

range of income can be $40 per week to $1000+.

What are some tips and tricks for starting and growing a new Laundry Care service in your local area?

We offer a ton of tips and tricks on our Provider website. Our private Facebook group is also a

perfect place where Providers from across the country share their tips and advice with one


How can I decide if this is a job opportunity that will work for my family?

Laundry Care is best for someone looking for a flexible side gig or extra income.

Does doing other people’s laundry increase my electric/water bill?

We get asked this question a lot. Location, season and size of client base, are the main

determining factors. There are several websites where you can estimate how much it costs to run a

load of laundry based on a variety of factors such as the machines being used and the cost of

unit of electricity/ each gallon of water.

What sets Laundry Care apart from other companies?

We’re a service-based company, so there are no parties or direct sales. That’s something that

appeals to a lot of people looking for a work-at- home opportunity.

What would be the benefit of working with Laundry Care versus opening my own similar business?

Starting a business from scratch is a lot of work. It also costs money! We take away the hurdle

in starting a new venture out of the equation. We offer a way for anyone to start right away…no

need to set up a website, create marketing materials, create pricing structure, etc. We also

handle client sign-ups, customer service, and all billing. We’ve found those are the things

similar business owners have to deal with…but don’t particularly like. Laundry Care is especially

appealing to entrepreneurs that want to start a similar business but are hesitant because of all

the start-up paperwork and logistics involved. We take care of all that.

What kind of support do you offer Laundry Care Providers?

I’m so proud of the support services we’ve developed as Laundry Care has grown. Our Home

Office! We have a fantastic Support Team here at Home Office to help Providers with getting

started and assist in resolving any issues that arise. Our private Facebook group I mentioned

earlier is also a great to allow Providers to connect with other Providers, ask questions, get

weekly tips and more.

Providers also have full access to a fantastic website we designed specifically to help them get

started, learn how Laundry Care works and grow their business. It’s full of detailed info about

the logistics of being a Provider (i.e. scheduling clients, packaging the laundry, entering service

tickets, using the Work Desk, etc.), as well as step-by- step marketing tips, web-based ad

images, printable marketing materials, sample scripts and more!

What characteristics do successful Laundry Care providers typically have?

Our most successful Providers are people who tend to be organized, detail-oriented and self-


How are you continuing to grow and develop Laundry Care LLC?

We’re excited to see new markets joining the Laundry Care family! Our Home Office team is

working hard to develop a new and improved Provider portal to make it even easier for

Providers to report services and manage their clientele. Very shortly, we’ll introduce an app that

will make operations easier for our providers and ordering/scheduling a snap for our clients.

Any final thoughts . . .

If you’re looking to make income by providing a valuable service with little to no start-up costs,

then Laundry Care is the right opportunity for you. For our Providers, LC is not just a gig but a

business they can grow and expand. Whether you are already operating a wash and fold or

starting a new one, we have tools to help manage your client base as well as our growing

community of fellow providers to support you along the way.

What do you think? Does a home laundry business sound like a job for you?

Find out more about Laundry Care here!

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