Ultimate List of Survey Sites that Pay with Paypal

Ultimate List of Survey Sites that Pay with Paypal

Ultimate List of Survey Sites that Pay with Paypal for Busy Moms

Are you looking for a lazy way to earn some extra cash online?

I mean something that doesn’t take a lot of mental effort and can be done while you are watching TV (another episode of Paw Patrol, maybe?) or maybe sipping a glass of wine at the end of a long day . . .

Survey sites that pay directly to a Paypal account are a popular easy way to earn money without much effort, no experience, and no skill level required.

If you are just getting started with a side hustle, then taking surveys is a great way to start making some money on the side. For more ideas to get started working from home check out this post Want to work from home? Get started here!

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How Much Can You Make with Surveys

You can make $100 – $200 per month by using a survey strategy just by taking surveys

It’s ALL about strategy! I’ve learned over the past year that most things don’t *just happen* for people…

you need a good strategy to achieve your goals.

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list of survey sites that pay with paypal

Strategy to Make Extra Money with Surveys

This strategy will help you be more productive when it comes to taking surveys as a side hustle!

1 – Create a separate email account just for taking surveys. You will get a ton of emails from survey sites and you don’t want to bombard your regular email account with survey emails. It will drive you crazy!

2 – Sign up for ALL the survey companies. You won’t be taking surveys from every company every day. Signing up for a variety of survey companies will allow you more opportunities to take surveys and each company pays out at different times so you will have more consistent cash each month.

3 – Below, I break down each survey company and share with you tips to make the most out of your time with each survey company. As you start taking surveys make a note of the survey companies that pay you the most money and send you the best surveys. Focus on those companies to get the best results!

Avoiding Scams

You may be skeptical about making money with surveys because of scams. Only sign up for survey sites that DO NOT require you to pay to join their site. It’s also a good idea to do your own research of each survey site before you sign up. You can get a good idea of reviews found in places like Reddit and the sub reddit: beer money.

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Survey Sites that Pay with Paypal

NOTE: Click on the Survey name or button below to start your side hustle today!


Well known as one of the BEST survey companies around and offers paid product testing. Members earn points for taking surveys. Pinecone is not always accepting new members, so if you apply make sure to complete the profile survey that is sent after you sign up. If you don’t complete this survey then you won’t be accepted!

Pay Out Minimum: 300 points = $3

Pincecone Research, Sign Up Here!



Offers surveys, daily polls, and focus group opportunities. Pays in cash to Paypal or Dwolla accounts or gift cards.

Pay Out Minimum: 1000 points = $10

MintVine, Sign Up Here!


Each survey is worth 75 -100 points and you typically receive 3 – 4 surveys per month. You may only qualify for 1 or 2 surveys per month.

Pay Out Minimum: 1250 points = $10

Harris Poll, Sign Up Here! TOLUNAUSUKSWEDEN

Surveys, paid product reviews, and online focus groups. Points are redeemable for cash via check or Paypal account.

Pay Out Minimum: 75,000 points = $25


Offers surveys and product testing opportunities. Points are redeemable for cash payout via Paypal account.

Pay Out Minimum: 1500 points = $15

Ipsos, Sign Up Here! SURVEY SAVVY

Offers paid surveys. Members are paid with check or Paypal.

Pay Out Minimum: $1

Survey Savvy, Sign Up Here! YOUGOV

Offers news-related surveys. Pays in cash by check, Paypal account, or Amazon gift card.

Pay Out Minimum: $25 in your account to request a reward

YouGov, Sign Up Here!


Paid Surveys and product testing opportunities. Pays in cash to Paypal or Amazon gift cards (and other gift card options).

Payout Minimum: 1200 points = $10

My Survey


Offers paid surveys. Pays in cash to Paypal and Amazon gift cards.

*They have been known to shut down accounts without warning recently.

Payout Minimum: $5 – $10

Opinion Outpost, Sign Up Here!


Offers paid surveys, trial offers (with an opportunity to earn $5 – $30), and other opportunities to earn. Pays in cash to a Paypal account.

Payout Minimum: $50

VINDALE, Sign Up Here!

list of survey sites that pay with paypal

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Stay Motivated with Your Survey Side Hustle

You may get bored or tired of taking surveys. So to stay motivated create a goal or a plan for the money you are making. For example, I want to have $100 per month in surveys so that by Christmas I have all of our gifts covered.

Having a goal for your side hustle will keep you motivated to stay active and earning money.

What are your favorite Survey sites to use in your side hustle?

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