Working for Leapforce


Working for Leapforce

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I began my work at home search over two years ago, and I just kept coming to dead ends until I started working for Leapforce. I tried selling on Etsy, but the time commitment with two under the age of 3 was very draining. I was selling goods, but I was working unreasonable hours and not able to keep up with the work and my kids.

I have also held side income jobs that have benefited me and my family, which have come to an end as our family grows to 3 boys under the age of 4! I just finished working as a mother’s day out teacher 2 days a week, so that my kids could go to MDO for free. I also ended my job at our gym in the childcare where we were able to have a free family membership. So I have been scouring online looking for legitimate jobs that can I do from home with flexible hours to fit into my schedule, and Leapforce has been the answer!

My experience with Leapforce has been great so far. I spent a lot of time researching Leapforce before applying and taking the qualifying test. In my research, I found that many people were dissatisfied with the hours they were getting while working for Leapforce. They also were disappointed with the fact that Leapforce doesn’t offer benefits for their contractors.

This doesn’t bother me! Leapforce is a side income for our family. I use the money to pay for extras around our home like paying for gymnatic classes, birthday parties, season passes to an amusement park, saving for vacation, etc. Leapforce has been the perfect job opportunity for me because I don’t have time or energy to devote several hours to my work. I am able to work when I can, and there has always been work available each time I’ve logged on.

What do you do while Working for Leapforce?

Leapforce is a company that works with independent contractors (people like me) who are “search engine evaluators.” Your job is to evaluate the list that search engines create. The algorithms are complex, and sometimes there are mistakes so people are needed to evaluate these search engines. I signed a non-disclosure agreement when I became an agent with Leapforce so there isn’t much I can tell you other than I have had a positive experience. You can do a little research on your own and find out the average pay for companies like Leapforce (and others; Lionbridge and Appen Hill Butler). This article from the Penny Hoarder has some helpful information as well.

What you need to know about applying

Becoming an agent took me about 3 weeks. You have to submit a resume and fill out an application. After that, you will be notified if you are accepted to take the exam. It is a tedious exam, and very important that you study. I took my time and studied the material they provide for the exam. You are allowed to have the study material open for the test, but there is so much information that you really need to have a good idea of what is covered in the material. There are two parts to the exam and it is important to take your time!

~ My best tip: study the examples! This really helped me understand the expectations for the work they provide. ~

My Experience

My experience working for Leapforce has been a positive one! I think it’s important to note that they are a legitimate company. That was my concern and fear when I started looking for online work. I didn’t want to fall into an online gimmick or trap. You won’t become a millionaire working as an online search engine evaluator, but you can make some decent extra income. I have always been paid on time with Leapforce and the company has been really helpful when I have had a question or needed help. If you are looking for a way to have some side income then Leapforce is a great option! I highly recommend working with them as one of your side streams of income.

What type of side income do you have? Are you considering working for a search engine evaluator company?

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