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Smart Cents Mom is a financially overwhelmed mom’s secret weapon. We give you the best ideas for ways to make extra money and saving money tips so you can have extra cash in your pocket to pay off debt, save for a special vacation, or whatever you need some extra cash. The dream of working from home so you can be there to kiss the boo-boos, love your littles, and experience the special moments with your kids. 

We give you the tools that you need to start making money online and saving more than you spend!

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Items to sell online and make quick cash?! YASSS! I totally needed this list. I didn't realize there are so many ways to make quick cash from home. There are great ideas of things to make and sell for profit. Don't miss the (stuff around your house) things to sell online that make money fast!

30 Items to Sell for Extra Money

Have you ever needed to make money NOW and thought "What can I sell to make extra money?" There are a lot of items to sell for extra money if you look at things lying around your house or take advantage of your creative skills! Items to Sell for Extra ...
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Legitimate Work from Home Jobs with Benefits

Legitimate work from home jobs with benefits really do exist! You can make money from home with legit businesses across the US. There are many ways that you can make money from home with online jobs...freelance, start an online business, make money with your hobby, teach English, and many more ways to make money ...
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Money Making Crafts and Hobbies that Make Money

It seems like everyone is looking for money making ideas to earn a little extra cash. Who wouldn't love to do something fun AND earn extra cash with hobbies that make money? Whether it's selling money making crafts online, shooting photography locally, or taking advantage of social media there's a way to ...
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Lazy girl hacks every busy girl needs to know to lose weight! If you are in need of losing 10 pounds or more these tips will get you motivated to reach your fitness goals. These weight loss tips for women are so easy there's no reason you can't start today! #lazygirl

Lazy Girl Weight Loss Hacks To Try Now

Are you ready to start working on your fitness? Whether it's post-holiday food comas or you simply want to get in shape to feel better, these lazy girl weight loss hacks will help you take the first steps towards losing 10 pounds or more! Let's be real though, it's not ...
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Saving money is a great way to increase your budget. You can find great money saving ideas for your family budget as a stay at home mom.   Making money from home online fast is easy to do with these tips. You can add extra cash to your pocket with these work from home jobs.   Every lazy girl needs to know these awesome life hacks for beauty, weight loss, easy hairstyles on busy mornings, and more. You will love how these life hacks make life so much better!

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