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Black Friday Deals on Resources for Work at Home Moms

Black Friday Deals on Resources for Work at Home Moms

resources for work at home moms

~ This article may contain affiliate links. I only suggest product or services I believe will benefit my readers. All opinions are 100% mine! ~

Black Friday is known for the amazing deals and steals you can find in stores across the country. Both big and small businesses selling something for a crazy good price.

Guess what?! Clothes, toys, and electronics are not the only things on sale. You can get amazing resources for work at home moms that can change your financial path in the New Year.

If there is one thing I’ve learned about my journey as a work from home mom, it’s that you have to invest in yourself! Knowledge is the key to making your business grow and thrive.

The best advice I can give to you about choosing a course to purchase is to research the course creators. Make sure that the course creator is someone you connect with, has experience in the field, and has a teaching style that suits you.

So here is something special for you and your growing business or blog! Check out these special deals from Proofread Anywhere, Transcribe Anywhere, Internet Scoping School, and Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing.

What is Proofreading Anywhere?

Just like their tag line says, Proofread Anywhere is an intensive online training in transcript proofreading. This is a specific type of proofreading that requires you to know the ins/outs of transcription. This is not a field you can just jump into without any training.

You can earn $40,000 or more per month as a proofreader depending on how much time and effort you put into your business.

Caitlin Pyle is the course creator and has over 7 years of experience in proofreading transcripts from court reporters. She created the course Transcript Proofreading Theory & Practice to help people learn transcript proofreading for court reporters and build their business.

Proofread Anywhere Discounts (Black Friday only)

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  • 40% off Beginner Basecamp pack with code BLACKFRIDAY16, which includes $50-off coupon toward Jumpstart, OR you can use the 30% off coupon below and save a little more. Discounts cannot be combined. You must choose one or the other. Get BB here.
  • 50% off on all resource guides with code BOOKFRIDAY. Not valid on Bundle.
  • 30% off on Jumpstart PLUS 2 extra weeks of access (more study time!). Use code BLACKFRIDAY16. Enroll here.[/symple_bullets]

We’re sorry; we aren’t offering discounts toward upgrades this year. No retroactive discounts.

What is Transcribe Anywhere?

Transcribe Anywhere is an all inclusive e-course that gives you everything you need to become a transcriptionist and build a business by offering transcription services in both general and legal fields. You can develop your transcription services and creat a very lucrative business.

Medical transcription is not a growing field for transcription, so that is why Transcribe Anywhere focuses on the booming fields of general transcription (including blogs, authors, media, video, podcasters, marketers, interviewers, financial executives…the list is long! This is the information age, so anyone who is creating video or audio content needs transcription services.)

Janet Shaughnessy is the creator of Transcribe Anywhere. She is an experienced medical, legal, and general transcriptionist as well as the owner of Zoom Transcription Services.  Janet developed her e-course based on the notes and training she provides to her new trainees through her business.

Transcribe Anywhere Discounts (Black Friday Only)

 We’re sorry; discounts are not applicable toward upgrades between course sections. No retroactive discounts. Discounts not combinable with any other offers. 

What is Internet Scoping School?

Scoping is editing transcripts for court reporters. Court reporters import their notes taken on a steno writer into a computer transcription software program. The software translates the steno notes into English. Court reporters hire scopists to help them save time in the editing process.

Outsourcing the editing process allows court reporters to earn more money because they are paid by the page. This makes scopists highly valuable!

A scopist can earn $30,000 fresh out of training! But the potential for earning more will increase as their speed improves to $50,000 per year or more.

Internet Scope School is designed to provide you with everything you need to become a successful scopist and start your own business. Linda Evenson developed the curriculum with 20 years of experience under her belt.

Internet Scope School covers everything from notereading to transcript production to marketing, ethics, ergonomics, commonly made mistakes, actual software training – every detail you need to be a successful freelance scopist.


Internet Scoping School Discounts

  • 10% off ANY PAYMENT PLAN using the code BLACKFRIDAY 16. This means you get 10% off every single monthly payment or 10% off the top of your one-time payment. Choose your plan here.
  • 10% off Scoping Fundamentals with the same code. [/symple_bullets]

Want to make money as a blogger?

What’s that? People actually make money from blogging! It’s true!

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing is an e-course created by Michelle Schroeder of Making Sense of Cents. Michelle has been a blogger for over 5 years now and is earning $90,000 or more per month regularly! She teaches you everything she has done to create an income as a blogger.

Not only does she provide you with an indepth course, but you also get to take part in her private Facebook Group for the course. I have taken her course and have learned so much as a new blogger. I already have earned income which doesn’t happen for many bloggers for months or even years of blogging. I have to say that the Facebook Group is just as valuable as the course. Michelle makes time to answer questions and support all of the bloggers through the Facebook Group.

You can read more about Michelle in this interview I had with her sharing how she got started and how she is growing her blogging business. Smart Success Stories: Interview with Michelle Schroeder

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing


Are you thinking of starting a new career? Do these resource sound helpful to you?


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