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How to Stress Less About Finances

~ This article may contain affiliate links. I only suggest product or services I believe will benefit my readers. All opinions are 100% mine! ~ Worried about your financial future? Are you worried about your financial future? How do you face financial fears? Are you worried about your finances? It’s safe to bet that you worry […]

Financial Wisdom from 8 Financial Blogging Experts

I’m just going to say it…finances suck! For most people, thinking about finances is something to be avoided at all costs. One of the biggest reasons we avoid talking or thinking about finances is because we don’t really know enough about personal finance so it’s always an uncomfortable awkward conversation. Smart Cents Mom is all […]

Millennial Mommy: Saving for a baby

Saving for a Baby I was recently talking to a friend who is planning to start a family in about a year. She asked me, “what should I start doing now to start saving for a baby?” The good news…saving money for a baby IS possible even on a tight budget! The average labor and […]

Save 1000 a Month Chart (Creative Tips to Save)

Save 1000 a Month Chart & Creative Tips to Start Saving What could you do with an extra $1000 per month?! Pay off debt, start an emergency fund, save for a vacation? There is a lot you can do with an extra $1000 per month. The problem is how do you take action and actually […]

Earning Extra Income: How much is your money worth?

Student loans, car payments, medical bills, adoption, mortgages, and savings are all reasons for earning extra income. But, have you ever wondered, how much is your money really worth? This map of “How Much Does Your State Collect in State and Local Income Taxes Per Capita?” from The Tax Foundation came across my feed recently. It gives […]