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Ecourses for Online Jobs from Home

Online jobs from home offer amazing flexibility, opportunity, and financial freedom. You may be thinking that work from home jobs sound great, but you don’t really know where to begin.

Online ecourses are a great way to help you improve your potential to earn money online faster. These courses in this list are all by people who have created their own businesses in their respective fields and are now teaching others how to start an online business. I love online courses because it’s kind of like taking a short cut and learning from other’s mistakes!

TIP: Take advantage of free webinars or courses that are offered. This gives you a chance to see if you like the teaching style of the presenter. You can also get an understanding if the information is valuable. If you learn a lot in the free version, there’s a good chance that you will learn even more in the paid version! I usually trust a presenter that can offer high value in a free course.

Ecourses for Online Jobs from Home

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Virtual Assistant Courses

Become a Pinterest VA

Pinterest is a HOT service for bloggers and businesses. Think of Pinterest as a search engine. It’s one of the most effective ways for bloggers and business owners to be found by their customers. Bloggers and business owners are hiring Virtual Assistants to work develop and manage their Pinterest business accounts.

Gina Horkey of Horkey Handbook and Kristin Larsen of Believe in a Budget have put together this thorough Pinterest VA course.

Become a Pinterest VA Today! offers you a complete guide into starting a Virtual Assistant business focused on Pinterest.

In this course, you’ll learn:

  1. Understanding the Pinterest VA Role
  2. Establishing Your Business
  3. Finding Your Clients
  4. Working with Clients
  5. Expanding Your Pinterest VA Practice

Become a Pinterest VA Cost: $69 (Course price is increasing soon! Get on the waitlist today!)

30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success

This course is created by Gina Horkey of the Horkey Handbook. Gina has several years of experience working as a Virtual Assistant (VA) and she gives you a complete strategy from set up to finding clients and growing your business.

You can earn $2000 per month working as a virtual assistant! This is one of the fastest growing positions for work at home jobs. Bloggers and business owners are hiring for VAs to help take their business to the next level. Not sure what skills you can offer? Here’s a list of over 150 VA services you can offer!

30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success Cost: $147 (payment plan available)

Freelance Writing Courses

30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success

This writing course is by Gina Horkey of the Horkey Handbook. She teaches you how to start your own business as a freelance writer in just 30 days! You will learn how to find the right niche, find clients, pitch yourself, set your rates, and much more!

30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success Cost: $147 (payment plan available)

Write Your Way to Your First $1K

Elna Cain is a work from home freelance writer and blogger at Twins Mommy. She created the freelance writing course Write Your Way to Your First $1K to help new freelance writers start their business. I got a chance to talk to Elna recently about how to get paid to freelance write.

Her course is based on her journey to becoming a freelance writer. It contains 41 lessons and 7 modules that takes about 7 weeks to complete.

Write Your Way to Your First $1K Cost: $165

Amazon Boot Camp

Fulfillment by Amazon is a great way to sell items on Amazon without having to store the items yourself. You send your items to the Amazon warehouse and Amazon takes care of the packaging and shipping to your customers.

Jessica Larrew of the Selling Family made six figures last year selling on Amazon. She has put together a course teaching you how to do everything from finding products to sell, setting up your Amazon store, to making a profit. This course is full of information to get you started selling from home. You can find more courses and a free course here.

Amazon Boot Camp Cost: $347 (payment plan available)

Flea Market Flipper University

Are you looking for a way to turn trash to treasure? Rob and Melissa of Flea Market Flipper show you have to create income by selling flea market items on eBay. They made $130,000 last year selling items on eBay.

They teach you how to find the best deals on items, set up your accounts online, different platforms to sell your items, how to keep track of your sales, and more!

Flea Market Flipper University Cost: $189

Proofreading Courses

Transcript Proofreading: Theory and Practice

Caitlin Pyle is an expert in the field of transcript proofreading for court reporting. This is a very unique job that can literally be done anywhere in the world on an ipad!

You do not have to have an English degree to become a transcript proofreader. This course by Caitlin covers everything you need to know to become a successful proofreader. It includes marketing training to help you grow your business.

Be sure to check out the free course to see if this is the right fit for you.

Transcript Proofreading: Theory and Practice Cost: $1174 (pay as you go plan available)

General Proofreading: Theory and Practice

This is the general proofreading course by Caitlin Pyle. She covers everything you need to know to get paid to proofread books, magazines, blogs, emails, and more. If you have eagle eyes for grammar errors then this could be the course for you!

Check out the free course to see if this is the right fit for you!

General Proofreading: Theory and Practice Cost: $497

Transcription Courses

General Transcriptionist: Theory and Practice

General transcription is a perfect non-phone job for anyone looking for flexibility to work from home. Especially as a mom who needs to be able to work with background noise this is a great option.

General Transcription: Theory & Practice is full of printable cheatsheets, video tutorials, lots of practice, how to find work, higher paying clients, and so much more. You can learn from experts in the field to become a top performing transcriptionist. Don’t forget to check out the free course below to see if this is the right fit for you!

General Transcriptionist: Theory and Practice Cost: $597 (pay as you go option)

General Transcriptionist Free Mini-Course

Legal Transcriptionist: Theory and Practice

Legal transcription are in high demand. Attorneys, court reporters, insurance companies, research institutions, and more are in need of legal transcriptionist.

Legal Transcription: Theory & Practice is geared specifically towards the legal profession. You will get cheatsheet printables, video tutorials, legal transcription style guide, training with experts in the field and more! Don’t forget to check out the free legal transcriptionist mini-course below to see if this is a work from home career for you.

Legal Transcriptionist: Theory and Practice Cost: $697

Legal Transcriptionist Free Mini-Course

Scoping Course

Internet Scoping School

Scoping is the unique business of editing for Court Reporters. Court reporters take notes using steno writers, then translated into English through computer software. A scopist is different from proofreaders because they use the same software and audio to translate the steno notes.

This course is a comprehensive course that covers every aspect of the scoping profession. I trust this company because they are honest, and require that you pass a screening exam before starting any portion of their course. Their goal is to help qualified people become a scopist, and not waste your time or money if you don’t have the skills.

You can try the free course here to see if this is a work from home job you are interested in.

Internet Scoping School Cost: $2500 (payment plan option)

Blogging Courses

Blog by Number Ebook, Start a Mom Blog

Suzi from Start a Mom Blog is amazing! She provides major value on her blog, and she can totally relate to you as a new blogger with little kids. Her course covers 12 modules, 35 lectures, and a 140 page ebook. She has other awesome products like her Income Journey where she shares EVERYTHING she did to go from $0 per month to over $9000 per month!

This course is perfect for a beginner because the price is reasonable and there is huge value. She saves you tons of time from trying to figure out all the details on your own to having a solid strategy from the very beginning.

Blog by Number Ebook Cost: $47

Making Cents of Affiliate Marketing

I started my blogging journey with Making Cents of Affiliate Marketing. I knew from the very beginning I wanted to make money from my blog, so I need to learn exactly how to do that. Michelle of Making Sense of Cents makes over $50,000 from affiliate marketing alone! That’s insane to me!

Michelle’s course is very in-depth and perfect for blogging beginners. There is no better way to start a blog than making sure you have everything in place from a legal stand point (like Disclaimers, Privacy Policy, etc.) and a strategy that will help your blog start making money as soon as possible.

Not only is the course great, but the Facebook Group that comes with the course is the best part of the purchase. I have met so many amazing bloggers who are always willing to help. Michelle is in the group weekly to answer questions and to support everyone who joins the course!

Making Cents of Affiliate Marketing Cost: $197 Use Special CODE: AUGUST28SALE2017 to get $28 off the course making it only $169!!


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