How to Make Money with a Blog without Ads

How to Make Money with a Blog without Ads

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Do you ever see your favorite websites or blogs and wonder how do they make money? How did the get started?

Today, I am excited to introduce to you Katie of Dashing Dish. She has been encouraging women body and soul for 6 years.

One of the things that stands out to me about Dashing Dish is Katie’s authenticity to address real struggles through her social media platforms and her blog. Not to mention the recipes that Katie prepares are really good!

Here is how Katie got started, how she makes money from blogging without ad revenue, and her plans to grow in the future!

What was your inspiration behind Dashing Dish?

Dashing Dish is a place where I share wholesome and simple recipes, as well as  encouragement, inspiration, and motivation to get fit for life. At Dashing Dish, it is truly my greatest heart’s desire to help others find encouragement and fulfillment through a balance of healthy living principals and God’s Word. I make it my goal to teach others how to prepare easy healthy meals, and provide practical encouragement to nourish both your body and soul.
What is your background (education/career)? How have you used that to create Dashing Dish? 
I am formerly a Registered Nurse. Specifically, I was a Labor & Delivery nurse for 2 years. I have used my knowledge of the human body, nutrition, and what I’ve learned working so closely with women to help me develop a website where women can be nourished body & soul!
How did you get started? How long have you been running Dashing Dish?
I started Dashing Dish about 6 years ago. I started it as a side hobby while working as a nurse full time. My husband suggested I share my recipes on a basic WordPress website, and it grew from there!
What has allowed you to grow from a small blog to a business that creates a profit?
My husband is a graphic designer, and he designed and developed the website as you currently see it over the course of about one year. He started developing the new website after the blog took off in popularity, and I quit my full-time nursing job.
How did you decide to earn money from your blog?
We knew we had to find a way to make money, but we didn’t want to run ads on our site. So, he created a membership feature which allows us to generate income without running advertisements on our site, (which is how almost all websites generate income). I also have a cookbook and devotional which brings in some money, although it probably isn’t as much as people might think since I worked with a publisher versus self-publishing.
How does the membership work? 
The Dashing Dish Membership includes all the tools you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle for just $7/month or $70/year. Dashing Dish Members receive access to over 1000+ premium clean eating recipes, a custom meal plan maker, and grocery list builder that all sync to your phone! The membership also comes with workouts, videos, and helpful tips for living a healthy lifestyle, as well as access to a community forum for support!
What strategy has caused the most growth for you in your business?
I think it is being consistent, producing quality content, and being real! 🙂
You are preparing to be a first-time mom! This is so exciting…how do you think this sweet baby will change your business? What are you most looking forward to as a mom? 
Thank you! 🙂 My husband and I are so excited! We expect that having a baby will change things for sure! 😉 I think as far as Dashing Dish goes, I will add a lot more articles on ways to navigate health with a family, and maybe I will even share baby/toddler approved recipes!
What are your plans for your business in the future? 
I am currently writing my third book! It will be released in December 2018, so with that will come more speaking and travel engagements. I am looking forward to this, because it is truly my favorite thing to get out and meet the beautiful faces that I interact with over the web in person! 🙂
What are your favorite resources for growing your blog/business? 
Social Media without a doubt! I use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.
What is your most valuable piece of advice for Smart Cents Mom readers? 
Although I am still awaiting the arrival of my daughter, I know from watching my mom who raised three girls while running a full-time daycare in our home that being a mom is the most challenging job there is!
So, I want to take a moment and just encourage all the moms out there! I want to encourage you that your constant giving is making a lasting impact on your family and those around you.
You might feel some days like you have nothing left to give, but I can promise you that every ounce of love, encouragement, compassion, and comfort is never wasted. Whether you know it or not, every time that you give of yourself, you are shining love to your family in a tangible way, which I can guarantee stands out in this world today!

Authenticity is what really makes Dashing Dish stand out in a see of recipe sites! Her encouragement and support can be found on her social media sites as well as the blog:

What are you passionate about? Could you make money with a membership site?

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