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Hobbies that Make Money: Making Money with Cricut

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Hey crafty mama! Have you ever thought about using your hobby to make money with vinyl crafts?

I know it would feel so good to be able to contribute financially to your family’s income while doing something you love! You could pay off debt, save for your emergency fund, or have extra money so you can stay home with your kids.

Maybe you are ready to use your creative gifts to put something beautiful into the world! Doing something outside of your family can give you purpose and help with that feeling of losing yourself when you are momming 24/7.

This post is for you creative momma!

How to Make Money with Cricut Maker

Personalized gifts are one of the most popular trends on Pinterest, and you can create amazing gifts to sell with your Cricut vinyl machine (Cricut Explore, Cricut Explore Air 2, Cricut Maker). Today we’ve got a list of beautiful projects to get your creative juices flowing so you can get started making money with Cricut!

Before we get to some of the best things to make and sell with a Cricut, let’s cover some commonly asked questions about selling cricut projects and starting a craft business.

#1 Can you sell Cricut designs?

Yes! The Cricut Angel Policy allows you to sell up to 10,000 designs per year using cuts made with Provo craft products. There is definitely room for you to grow your business and sell designs created with Cricut products. Just make sure to read over the entire Angel Policy to be sure that you are working within the

#2 What are the most profitable Cricut businesses?

The most profitable Cricut businesses are those who offer unique products that people want to buy. Why waste your time creating products that no one is interested in? Instead invest your time in researching your competition. Find out what other crafting companies are doing well and where they are making mistakes. This can help you find a whole in your market so that you can create items with lower competition.

#3 Can I sell Cricut images on Etsy?

Yes! Remember to check out the Angel Policy (listed above). You can sell items using non-licensed images from the Cricut library or you can design your own images using Illustrator or Photoshop. You cannot sell licensed images…think Disney, Marvel comics, etc. These images are popular and you will see Etsy shops selling these types of images, but those shops can be shut down or even sued for selling licensed images.

#4 What can I make to sell with a Cricut Maker?

First let’s think about the audience you want to serve. You can make and sell your own Cricut Designs to people who want to DIY their own crafts or you can create crafts to make and sell on Etsy, at craft fairs, and boutiques.

If you decide to sell your own designs it would be useful to know how to create SVG files and use Illustrator or Photoshop. This could become a passive income option, since you could place the files online and people could instantly download them.

Making craft projects to sell is the second option. You can use online tutorials to create your own crafts. In order to stand out from your competitors you will need to create items that are unique. This could mean using unique materials, designs, personalizations, or niches.

SIDE NOTE: When I was researching interesting Etsy shops. I found a shop that makes “nerdy girls clothes.” The dresses, skirts, and t-shirts in the shop are made out of prints that you typically see for boys. Things like dinosaurs, rockets, science, robots, etc. It’s such a unique idea in a specialized market for girls who like things that you don’t usually see on girls clothing.

There are endless crafts to create and sell with a Cricut machine. Did you know that you can #MonogramEverything? (At least in the South 😉) Clever quotes, teacher gifts, and even baby items will help you get your vinyl business started. You’ll be making money with Cricut soon with these Cricut inspirations!

~ This article may contain affiliate links. I only suggest product or services I believe will benefit my readers. All opinions are 100% mine! ~


Things to Make and Sell with Cricut

#1 – Teacher Signs


#2 – Vinyl Wall Decals

#3 T-Shirts

#4 Monogrammed Baby Pacifiers

#5 Gorgeous DIY Leather Tassels

#6 Word Art Decor

#7 Monogrammed Shirts

#8 Label those Essential Oils

#9 Monogrammed Stainless Steel Mugs

#9 Birthday Shirts

#10 Bachelorette Gifts

#11 Coozies

#12 Gifts for Direct Sells Companies

I bet your Facebook feed is covered with friends selling essential oils, amazing skincare products, makeup, cleaning supplies…and if you’re just not feeling the whole “selling products to earn money” try providing services that your friends can use in their business! This was an order placed from a direct sells consultant for her team. It’s a total win-win for you and your friends!

#13 Baby Onesies

#14 Beach Gear

#15 Wine Glasses

#16 Kitchen Towels

#17 Faux Leather Earrings DIY 

#18 Car Stickers

#19 Baseball Caps

#20 Sports Shirts

#21 Disney Vacation Shirts

#22 Mason Jar Crafts

#23 Labels in the Kitchen

#24 Kids’ Water Bottles

#25 Monogrammed Acrylic Keychains

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#26 Seasonal Gifts

#27 Personalized Doormats with Cricut

#28 Delicate Leather Earrings

#29 Ring Dishes from the Dollar Store

#30 Beautiful Banners

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