Welcome to my work from home blog! I am sharing my mompreneur journey of finding ways to be a business minded stay at home mom. I hope to improve my finances, track my progress, and help other moms find their financial freedom too!

My name is Ashleigh and I am wife to Ryan, mom to Max, Abe, and Jake. I am starting this blog just weeks before Jake’s due date! I spent 10 years working in public education as an elementary school teacher and instructional coach. After my second son was born my husband and I decided that our family would best benefit from me being home. Since then I have been trying to find a way to make money on the side to provide for the little extras in life for our family while juggling the mom life and learning along the way.

Now 2 years into staying home with my boys, I am hoping to make a big impact on our finances through a diverse stream of income that I hope to track and share with you! Hopefully, this will help you in your journey of being financially free and a mompreneur pursuing the side hustle.

My WHY for being a Mompreneur

Why start a blog in the middle of a kitchen remodel and 4 weeks from our 3rd child’s due date? I have wanted to create my own business for a long time. I am leaving my position as a part-time teacher at a mother’s day out program, and I am losing the little income I had to make those special extras happen for our family like sports, gymnastics, zoo passes, etc. I also have a strong desire to be a mompreneur and now is the time for me to diversify and get serious about my side hustle!


How I am making money as a stay at home mom?


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