Amazing Online English Teaching Jobs [Best 3 Companies to Work For]

Amazing Online English Teaching Jobs [Best 3 Companies to Work For]


The internet is an amazing place that connects us with people all around the world. Being able to connect to people any time in any place has created new ways to make money from home! The newest work from home jobs that are popping up everywhere are online English teaching jobs. You can get paid to teach English online!

These jobs are flexible, high paying, and FUN ways to work from home and make money with a virtual teaching position. Today I’m sharing 3 of the best online teaching jobs from home and the companies who are hiring!

Online English Teaching Jobs

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What exactly does a virtual online English teacher do? 

Online English teachers work with students in a 1 to 1 setting or small group setting teach basic/conversational English to students ages 5 – 12.

Teachers work in an online classroom (each company has their own Skype-like platform) with planned curriculum for each student.

Classes typically last 25 – 30 minutes.

How is a virtual classroom different from a regular classroom?

The virtual classroom is pretty cool! You can talk and see your student/s. You both can interact with the screen by drawing on the screen using a mouse or finger (if your own an iPad, etc).

Since you are teaching English as a brand new language there is obviously a language barrier so it’s important to use Total Physical Response. That just means that you use your voice, hands, and facial expressions as you talk. This helps students understand what you are trying to say!

You will also use basic props…mostly things you have around your house.

Is teaching the same lesson over and over boring?

NO! Every kid is different so the flow of each class is very different. You can make the lesson your own, too.

It’s your job to keep the kids interested in the lesson…so that may mean wearing a silly hat, talking with a puppet, or using a reward system to help keep them engaged.

Best Online Teaching Jobs

#1 – Teach Online from Home with VIP Kid 

VIP Kid was ranked #1 on Forbes 2017 Top 100 Work from Home Companies!

VIP Kid is based out of Beijing, China offering 1 to 1 English language classes to kids ages 5 – 12. Students are tested through VIP Kid and placed in the program. The lessons are fully prepared and online in a Skype-like platform. The teacher and student can see each other and talk to each other.

Lessons last for 25 minutes and teachers are expected to write a  review of the class. Parents and students can leave a review about their class, which can really help you get more students and fill your time slots.

VIP Kid pays $18 – $22 per hour based on teacher experience and bonuses that can be earned throughout the month.

VIP Kid is hiring native English speakers in the US and Canada.

The interview process can be intense, but you can get the best tips for acing the VIP Kid interview here and check out the best YouTube videos to help you get started working with VIP Kid!

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#2 – Find Virtual Teaching Positions with Magic Ears

Magic Ears  is the second in our list of online work from home jobs teaching English to students. Magic Ears is a newer company, based out of China, that just finished beta testing at the end of 2017. The platform is different from VIP Kid in that you can possibly teach 4 kids at a time. Students are placed in teacher classrooms based on their levels.

Teaching material and courses are provided on the Magic Ears platform. Classes are 25 – 30 minutes long.

Overall it seems like a great opportunity that pays very well starting at $18 per hour up to $26 per hour. You can earn bonuses after your base pay such as $1 per class for arriving on time, one dollar per class for opening 40 hours of classes per month, and more.

Since Magic Ears is a newer business, now is the time to join them as they start to grow and increase their student numbers.

Magic Ears is hiring native English speakers in the US and Canada.

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#3 – Teaching Job Opportunities with QKids

QKids is a great way to teach English online and get paid $16 – $20 per hour!

You don’t need a college degree to start teaching with QKids, but you should be enrolled in classes and working towards your degree. If you already have your degree, then you also qualify to work with QKids.

You must be able to commit to 6 hours per week with QKids. All training and course work is provided by QKids.

QKids is hiring native English speakers in the US and Canada.

Do you think working from home as an online English teacher is something you could do?

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