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The most flexible and low stress job online is a search engine evaluator job! You can earn extra cash and work for all 5 of the best search engine evaluator jobs.

Best Search Engine Evaluator Jobs (Make $15 per Hour)

Search Engine Evaluator

I started my work from home journey almost one year ago with a search engine evaluator jobs. At the time, I had no idea how many work at home job opportunities are available online like proofreading jobs, freelance writing jobs, virtual assistant jobs, and so MANY more!
Search engine evaluator jobs are a great place to start when you are looking for online side hustles. The job is very flexible with part time hours. It’s the perfect way to make extra cash when you don’t have much time to invest and it pays very well!

Online Work from Home: Search Engine Evaluator Jobs

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I’ve learned a few things along this journey of working from home.
While working from home sounds like a dream come true the reality is sometimes really different! My house isn’t always the cleanest, sometimes our dinner is really late (and not super tasty, until we started using $5 Meal Plan), and my kids sometimes watch a few too many episodes of Daniel Tiger.
Work at home jobs are not a one size fits all deal.  Not every work at home opportunity will work for you and your family. And that is okay! We all have different support systems, financial goals, backgrounds, and things we enjoy doing for work.
If you are beginning your journey to find work from home job opportunities, my best advice is to try several different types of work to find what fits best for you and your family.

There are 3 requirements that any work from home job has to meet for me. I need my job to be super flexible (I need to be able to start and stop at a moments notice),  have a short learning curve, and earn at least $12 per hour.

I started working for Leapforce about 10 months ago in a search engine evaluator jobs position, and have personally had a great experience. Leapforce meets all of my “requirements” and has been a great source of side income for me and my family.

I could actually work more, but I just don’t have enough time while I’m taking care of my boys and trying to grow my blog.

Life as a Search Engine Evaluator

I wanted to give you insight into another search engine evaluator’s life. I’m so happy to introduce you to my blogger friend Sireesha Narumanchi of Crowd Work News. She is a blogger and search engine evaluator.

Sireesha, tell us a little about yourself.

I am originally from India, now settled in Australia. I come from a medical background, Microbiology. I worked as a research associate back in India. I have two daughters and my husband works in the finance sector. My kids were the biggest reason I opted for a work at home job. This gives me a lot of flexibility to work around them.

So what exactly do you do as a search engine evaluator? What does this job entail?

Search Engine Evaluation is quite a flexible job. Basically you have to rate web pages for their relevancy according to the query. In simple terms, if a person types in ‘Apple’ in the search in Google, you get some results. You have to rate how good a particular result is for ‘Apple’.  There are a set of guidelines, which you have to follow to rate these web pages.  All this might sound very technical, but it’s not. With a medical background, I could easily get the hang of the job very quickly. The quality of the rating is very important and is monitored regularly.

How did you find search engine evaluation jobs? Where did you learn that there is such a job?

After coming to Australia, I searched a lot work at home jobs. As I was pregnant with my first child, it was the best option for me.  I used to search all the job boards and it was hard to find the legitimate ones. But finally, I found the Search Engine Evaluator role on is quite a popular job board in Australia.  As it was a very new kind of role for me back then, I did some research about the company and read about it in forums. After getting totally convinced about the role, I applied for it.


How many hours do you work per week? 

I usually work 20 hours a week. Sometimes if there is a need to do more hours, I do around 25 hours.Do you have other streams of income? 

Apart from search engine evaluation, I do a bit of freelancing and blogging is my new passion. After going through the rigorous process of searching for legitimate work at home jobs, I realized that I wanted to help others to find work at home jobs.  That’s when started. I post job leads, unique work at home opportunities and side hustles. And now my blog is making money. So, that’s another income stream.

What is the best part of being a SE evaluator?I believe the best part of search engine evaluation is the flexibility.  There are times, when kids are sick or I have to attend to other things and I still can do this job at night or early morning.  There are no set times and you are just required to complete target hours for the week. Being a work at home mum, flexibility is the biggest plus for me in this job.

What is your least favourite part of the job?

Frankly, I have not found anything that I don’t like about this job. But I would mention one thing, you do have to pass a qualifying exam to get this role. That seems to be the hardest part for many who apply for this job.


What does your day look like when you’re working?

My typical day starts at 6 in the morning, I usually complete my SEE work by evening. I work on my blog for the later part of the day. Again, I tend to work again at nights. That’s the most productive time of my day.


When do you find time to work?

I work all through the day till my elder daughter comes from school. I work again at nights. I find these times are most productive for me.

Would you recommend this job to someone looking to work from home?

Absolutely!! It is the most flexible and perfect work for stay at home mums or anybody who wants an online job.

What is your best tip for anyone looking to start a side hustle or begin working from home?

It does take time to search for legitimate work at home jobs, so keep at it and don’t lose hope. And also you have to be very organized to meet your targets when working from home with all the distractions. Planning ahead is a must.

Thanks to Sireesha for sharing her work experience as a search engine evaluator!

Best Search Engine Evaluator Jobs

So, what do you think? Does search engine evaluation sound like a job you are interested in?

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